AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 4th Generation with built in premium anion generator,lighter and smaller

The Asavea Hair straightening brush with its MCH technology is built to heat to a steady and optimum temperature, making it a possibility to get yourself a smooth straight frizz-free hair within 50 % of time it can take to obtain the same while using standard flat iron. The hair straightening brush’s ceramic bristles ensure that your hair is straightened out without being damaged. The Asavea Hair straightening brush offers Twelve temperatures and this means that you can achieve the same results for many different types of hair.
The MCH (Metal Ceramics Heater) heat concept allows it to get hot in one minute or less.

The bristles has got Ceramic working surface. The outer area is actually a few times wider compared to the normal straightner and as a result, offers better connection with hair for effective straightening

Features anti scalding technology that can help avoid personal injury to person skin while using the hair straightening brush.

The Asavea Hair straightening brush includes temperature auto locking mechanism as standard. This is to stop consumers from pushing buttons accidentally. The unit opens through the pressing of the appropriate button 2 times.

In order to safeguard your property, the hair straightener brush is equipped with 30 mins automatic shut down mechanism.

The Asavea Hair styling brush will get to heat range up to Four hundred and fifty degrees, making it well suited for different styles of hair.

It has worldwide voltage and that makes it possible for its use while you go to the majority regions across the world.
Price: £159.00

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