Atcket Hair Straightening Brush, Fast Natural Straight Hair Styling, Anion Hair Care, Anti Scald, Massage Straightening Irons, Detangling Hair Brush (Pink)

Features: The electronic hair straightener is a daring mix for hair straightener as well as combs. Offering the quick & expert hair correcting as well as styling, this hair straightener comb enables you prepare rapidly for heading out in thrill early morning hrs. It gives off abundant adverse ions while functioning, integrating with air to create water to hydrating and also moisturizing treatment your hair, assists correct the alignment of hair immediately while leaving a healthy and balanced sparkle.
Temperature level setup overview:
1. For thicker and also swirls hair, 210-230 levels Celsius are usually picked
2. For usual hair, 190-210 levels Celsius are usually picked
3. For slim and also soft hair, 170-200 levels Celsius are typically picked It’s suggested that you choose the greatest temperature level in the beginning, and afterwards lower temperature degree on the basis of your hair high quality. Centigrade to Fahrenheit transform: press “+””-“at exact same time.
Guidelines for Hair Straighteners 1. Please maintain hair completely dry as well as nicely brushed prior to making use of.
2. The procedure of making use of, one hand draws hair end and also brush with straighter.
3. If you wish to maintains straight hair last much longer, please usage hairdo cream and also conditioner cream as well as laundry tidy prior to appling
. 4. It needs to not clip excessive hair, if you intend to clip even more hair, you must be decrease the rate while illustration.
5. It will certainly be shut off by half hr instantly, transform it on when you make use of versus.

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