Exclusive Cloud Nine 9 Heatproof Travel Mat For All Hair Straighteners

Exclusive Cloud Nine 9 Heatproof Travel Mat is a heat-mat for all styling irons and other electric styling tools. The product is compact in size and can be used while travelling as well.

The product is from brand Cloud 9 and conforms to BSI standards. The mat has pouch where the hot iron can be easily slide after use. The mat supports all brands of styling irons. It absorbs heat from the iron and protects the other things in contact from burning. The mat can also be used to clean hot ceramic plates to remove grease and other hair products.

Overall the travel mat is a nice, simple and handy product. It is very easy to use. The material of the mat is quite good and given the good quality of the heat absorbing pouch, the product is moderately priced, not too high but not too cheap as well.

Some consumers complained about the lack of heat absorbing ability of the mat. Even after putting the hot iron in the pouch some heat is reported as escaping to surrounding objects that are in contact. This may be the only downside with this product and if the manufacturer addresses this issue, it will make this mat a killer product.

Overall the Cloud 9 heatproof travel mat is a handy product and lives up to the reputation of the brand. The product is very strategically priced and provides value for money. We can safely say that it is a must have companion for your styling rods while travelling.

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