Hair Straightener Mini Professional Electric Hair Curler Hairdressing Tool , Fix Styling Quick , black

< a href =" ">< img src=" "alt="" size=" 160" elevation=" 160" course=" alignleft "/ > Adopt titanium alloy panel, fast warmth transfer, could keep hair wetness, secure your hair, protect against getting too hot PHOTO home heating body, 4th temperature level totally free button, 160-220 ° temperature level totally free change. Appropriate for a range of modeling requires Tourmaline product, circulation of all-natural unfavorable ions, fixing harmed hair immediately, lasting use hair to duplicate the gloss
PTC product. New modern technology, smart temperature level control
Heat-resistant nylon, wear-resistant, heat, self-lubricating, shock absorption, silencers, great insulation

₤ 54.44

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