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Besmall Instant Magic Silky Straight Hair Styling, Anion Hair Care, anti scald, zero damageAs the name suggests these hair straightening brushes have their own unique features. Hair straightener brush often confused with the hair straightening irons. Hair straightener brushes are easier to use than a straightening iron and can straighten your hair in just 8-10 seconds. They have got a triple action: they straighten, detangle and increase hair shine.
Pros- straightening irons can damage your hair in the long run. Thus hair straightener brush is a cheaper and safer alternative to get sleek, frizz-free locks.

Quick and easy to operate it has 10 rates to adjust temperature, every rate changes 5 degree Celsius.
It’s a perfect combination of a comb and hair straightener. As it operates on a much low temperature, it won’t damage your hair and touching it won’t cause any burns.
Cons- It takes much time to heat and loses heat as you use it.
Overall review- Not recommended if you are in a busy environment as it takes a long time to heat and doesn’t stay hot for a long time. Thus it would take a longer time to get your desired hair.

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