Mousand Pink Brush Hair Straightener 29W Digital Anti Scald Anti Static Ceramic Heating Detangling Hair Brush For Instant Magic Silky Straight Styling Massage Straightening Iron

Select Mousand, then you will get Specialist, elegant, exceptional correcting the alignment of iron brush.Just enjoy your finest time

1. Please keep hair completely dry and neatly brushed prior to utilizing.
2. Insert the link into proper the socket.
3. Turn it on and also adjust the temperature, you could use when the temperature level reach what you desire.
4. In the process of making use of, one hand draws hair end as well as brush with straighter.
5. If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hairdo lotion and also conditioner cream as well as laundry clean prior to hair straightening out.
6. It ought to not clip way too much hair, if you want to clip even more hair, you need to be decrease the speed while illustration.
7. will be shut off by an hour automatically, turn it on when you make use of versus.

Safety and security precautions and warnings :

In order to make certain the correct use this item, please take notice of the following security matters.
1. Under 14 years-old kids utilizing this product has to have grown-up supervision.
2. Maintain it completely dry as well as do not use it in restroom and also damp location.
Please don’t knock it and fall off from high-attitude, please do not make use of if there is any kind of damages.
3. Please don’t remodel, take down as well as repair this item.
4. This item can’t be put into the fire or external heating.


1. Don’t utilize this product in bath tub as well as pool, otherwise it will quickly trigger damage.
2. Please check item integrity before utilizing, if any kind of damage please don’t make use of.
3. Please check cable honesty prior to making use of, if any type of damage please don’t utilize.
4. Do not randomly put this item to avoid youngsters to use.
5. Please wait till cooling down when pack up this item.

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