The New Version Digital HAIR STRAIGHTENER: ALLTOP Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Heating Detangling Hair Brush Paddle Brush For Faster Straightening Styling, Black and Gold

ALLTOP offers top quality items is our standard guidelines, giving attractive experience to every user is our quest. Trust us, you can be more beautiful.

– The digital hair straightener is an adventurous mix for hair straightener and combs.
– Could quick professional hair aligning as well as styling for you, enables you prepare quickly for heading out in thrill morning hrs, beauty every day.
– It emits rich unfavorable ions while working, combining with air to create water to moisturizing and moistening treatment your hair, helps correct the alignment of hair promptly while leaving a healthy sparkle.

3 Temperature level setup guide:
1. For thicker and also curls hair,
210-230 levels Celsius are typically picked
2. For common hair,
190-210 degrees Celsius are typically chosen
3. For slim as well as soft hair,
170-200 levels Celsius are usually picked
It’s recommended that you pick the highest temperature level at first, and then reduce temperature level on the basis of your hair quality.
Centigrade to Fahrenheit transform: press “+””-“at same time, Press once,5 degrees of adjustment.

Guidelines for Hair Straighteners
1. Please keep hair dry as well as neatly groomed before making use of.
2. The process of using, one hand pulls hair end as well as brush with straighter.
3. If you intend to maintains straight hair last much longer, please usage hairdo cream and also conditioner lotion and also laundry tidy prior to hair aligning.
4. It should not clip way too much hair, if you wish to clip even more hair, you must be slow down the rate when illustration.
5. will certainly be switched off by an hour instantly, turn it on when you use against.

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