Raphycool Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Heating Detangling Hair Comb Paddle Brush For Faster Straightening Styling (White)


Ceramic Hair Straightener Heating and Detangling Hair Comb and Paddle Brush by Raphycool is a hair straightener that can be used to transform frizzy and dull hair into straight and silky hair. In addition, it can also be used to massage the head skin.

The product is from the brand Raphycool and can be used with all hair types. It has a quick heating and swivel rod. It takes less than 10 seconds to provide you with the required styling. It has an ergonomic handle for easier grip. The heat control on the straightener is versatile and can be controlled as per the styling needs.

The product is useful and handy combination of a detangling comb with hair straightener . The temperature control on the rod is adjustable and heats up in quick time. It has an anti-static technology which reduces the amount of negative charged particles and thereby minimizing frizzing and flyaways while styling.

Although the product is competitively priced some customers complained about the quality of the product material. The buttons tend to provide obstruction while using as they are not strategically placed on the handle bar. Also it takes quite a time for the rod to heat up to the desired temperature. Some customers even complained about the rod pulling hair while heated.

Overall the straightener is competitively priced but the product quality lacks substance. There are some inherent design issues with the product which the brand needs to take care of, before it can be called as a superior product.

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