USB Rechargeable Wireless Mini Hair Straightener

< img src =””alt= “” size =”160″elevation=”160″course=” alignleft “/ > Another intimate good friend for go along with! A MINI, PORTABLE, RECHARGEABLE, EFFICIENT, CHIC Hair Styling device she heads out whenever with her friends. Lugging it in her handbag, girl bag, traveling baggage, or numerous feature cosmetic bag, she utilizes it whenever she wants to correct the alignment of or crinkle hair bangs, hand ends, developing various brilliance in her previous hairdo – helpful and also simple …

★ What’s in package?
1 * Cordless Hair Straightener Iron
1 * USB Cable
1 * BS connect
1 * Lithium battery
1 * Storage Pouch

★ Specification:
Input Voltage: A/C 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Use Time: 30-50 mins
Charging time: 3 hrs
Temperature: 180 ℃, 200 ℃
Changer user interface: Micro USB 5.0 V
Present: LED dual shade lights

★ Notes:
– The USB do not need to go right in when billing it, simply insert fifty percent of the USB wire that could be billed.
– The power/heat switch is listed below the temperature level indicators
– Charge till the indication light comes to be GREEN (for optimum cost, maintain it attached for regarding 3 hrs)
– Always make certain the button is switched off after usage.
– Please accused of normal electrical outlet.
– Please aim to maintain hair completely dry as well as brushed prior to making use of
– Please do not correct or switch on hair straightener when billing.
– When opened, the styler would immediately get in rest setting after 30-minutes dis-use.

★ How the lock/unlock?
Lock – shut home plate, draw the lock latch at the tail
Unlock – press the lock latch after that home plate is opened up

Each of MADAMI STYLER’s item is under a minimum of 1 year service warranty assurance, besides, you could have return or substitute within 30 days of acquisition invoice if item is not as your anticipated, as well as pleasant customer support!

₤ 28.95

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