WGE Massage Comb Straightening Brush Household Comb Five-Piece Flat Comb Ribs Comb Curls Comb Mirror The Rack Anti-Static Hair Comb

< img src ="https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/511Pj6eC0fL._SL160_.jpg" alt =""size=" 160 "elevation="159"course= "alignleft"/ > Name hair brush Product PP Specs 21.5 centimeters long as well as 4cm broad Dimension 20cm over Devices ; Flat comb, rib comb, curly hair comb, massage therapy comb, mirror, base Hair ought to be brushed, commonly brushing hair could boost the scalp blood flow Dig up qi and also blood, tough hair, wind sight, mind Cong ears Anti-static massage therapy comb; Comb head massage therapy could be suitable to the numerous factors of the head, straight hair curly very easy to obtain, 4 designs for a selection of hairdos
Air bag comb, to remove the hair Frizz, massage therapy the scalp, styling straight hair, a flexible comb
Air flow comb, any type of hair, very easy to obtain, a comb ultimately do not connect
Cyndrical tube comb, modeling devoted, smooth as well as smooth, everyday to satisfy a gorgeous brand-new self
Rib comb, for a range of hairdos, soft teeth really feel, allow you place it down
Item usage; could do the head treatment, any kind of hairdo could be made use of

₤ 22.29

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