Benefits of Infrared Hair Straighteners

Infrared hair straighteners are an ideal solution for people who are interested in the health of their hair. The technology consists of two plates, one that emits infrared radiation while the other emits ultrasonic vibrations. These two plates work together to restore the structure and strength of the strands. Moreover, this technology can prevent hair loss and other problems.

The infrared light is also helpful in treating and preventing damaged or dry tresses. Infrared flat irons are not merely for styling, but also for treating and preventing problems. Another advantage of an infrared straightener is that it is safe for most hair types. The temperature of these devices is safe for most hair types, even for chemically treated tresses. Now that we know about the benefits of Infrared hair straighteners, lets take a look at some of the best products to choose from.

1. H2D VI Rose Gold Professional Ionic and Infrared Hair Straighteners

The new H2D VI Rose Gold Professional Ionic and Infrared Hair Straighteners are a stylish way to straighten and style your hair. The new iron features a longer length of 25mm with polished tourmaline infused plates, ionic generator that produces millions of negative ions that penetrate the cortex of your hair shaft to help eliminate frizz. It has salon-strength 230C digitally controlled heat for effortless control and true one-pass straightening. The iron is also designed to be universal voltage so it can be used by all types of hair.

The H2D VI features a patented tourmaline ionic generator with a 25mm plate that delivers millions of negative ions to the cortex of the hair shaft. This creates a smoother, shinier, and more beautiful style. The hair straightener is also powered by an ionic generator to eliminate frizz and keep your hair looking its best. Its powerful infrared light allows it to penetrate into the cortex of each strand for a soft, silky feel.

The H2D VI Rose Gold Hair Straightening Iron has a wide plate that allows the user to get the best results with any hair type. The extra-large plates make this straightener faster than its competitors. Unlike tourmaline plates, the H2D Wide Plate makes it easy to style your hair. This new iron can achieve temperatures up to 230C in 20 seconds, making it the ideal tool for busy professionals.

2. XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron

The XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron is a great option for frizzy, wavy hair. Its ceramic tourmaline floating plates glide through coarse hair with ease. Ten temperature settings allow you to create the perfect style for any occasion. Choosing the perfect setting will depend on your hair type and desired look. The XTAVA Professional Infrared Flat Iron has a 2 inch plate width and a temperature range from 265°F to 445°F.

This flat iron is easy to use with a 3-button control. The heat settings are adjustable from 365-445 degrees. The Xtava Professional Infrared Flat Iron comes with a 60-minute auto shutoff feature. You can also adjust the temperature by adjusting the buttons on the top.

The XTAVA Professional Infrared flat iron is a good option for people with thick or coarse hair. The infrared technology reduces the risk of damage to the hair while straightening it. It only takes 60 seconds to reach its maximum temperature. You won’t need anti-heat spray with this device. The XTAVA flat iron has a 8-foot cord and is compatible with 110-240V power. It has large size plates that make it easier to work with.

3. MyInfrared Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

Salon Studio Professional – MyInfrared Professional Infrared Hair Straightener uses transformative infrared heat to smooth and enhance the shine of your hair. It is also equipped with humidity resistance to hold the style until the next wash. Its two-inch ceramic tourmaline plate glides easily through even the coarsest hair. You can easily regulate the temperature with its color-coded LCD screen. Its dual voltage feature is ideal for travel.

The MyInfrared technology prevents damage to your hair by deeply hydrating it while straightening your hair. The MyInfrared’s heat produces less thermal shock than traditional straighteners. The infrared rays penetrate directly into the hair’s cuticle to retain moisture. The result is perfect, straight, frizz-free hair. Because it uses a longer wavelength than conventional heat, the MyInfrared is safe for all types of tresses.

The MyInfrared’s advanced technology delivers superior straightness while deep-hydrating hair. Its infrared rays are much longer than traditional heat, meaning less thermal shock is experienced by the hair. This prevents moisture loss and promotes metabolism in the hair. Whether you’re looking for an everyday hair straightener or a salon-quality device, you’ll be thrilled with its results.

Salon Studio Professional – MyInfrared Professional Infrared Hair Straightener is affordable, yet still delivers great results. Its lightweight design allows for easy travel and features an ergonomic 360-degree swivel cord. It heats up quickly, with an automatic temperature lock. It features a ceramic coating plate for an amazing shine. Using negative ions in this hair straightener will eliminate frizz and close cuticles, resulting in smoother, shinier hair with less damage. It comes with adjustable temperature settings for thick and super-thick hair.

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