Hair straightening is a practice to make hair straight and flat which gives it a smooth, streamlined sleek appearance. Temporary hair straightening does not use chemicals while permanent straightening involves chemical hair treatment. This alters the hair structure permanently. Hair straightening can also be done naturally or artificially.

Here are 6 ways on how to straighten hair naturally.

Brush wet hair until it dries. After you have washed your hair, let it dry by natural air completely while brushing it every five minutes. By pulling and holding the hair for a few seconds, it encourages straightening. When you use a fan, brush it constantly until it dries.

Wrap wet hair tightly. Divide it down the center and comb each portion and wrap it at the back of your head. This can be done overnight, wrap with a silk scarf and sleep.

Roll your hair using rollers while it is in wet condition. Hair rollers are the size of a soda can. The rolled hair is then secured tightly against the head until it is dry. Make sure it is completely dry as slight bit of moisture can make a wave come back or a curl.

Use overnight hair hands. In this, you use a soft elastic ponytail and let it straighten overnight. The ponytails should be fairly loose so that they don’t leave noticeable marks.

Twist hair into a bun but this is not effective with wavy hair.

Make a natural straightening mask, mostly milk and honey mask as recommended by beauty blogs. You can blend 2 cups milk with 1 egg and then soak your hair in it for about 10 minutes and then squeeze out without rinsing, and wrap it with a plastic cover for 30 minutes. Wash your hair and brush dry.

Hair straightening has become really popular of late and it can be confusing to choose the best hair straightener for your hair.

Here is a list of top ten best hair straighteners today.

1. Ghd eclipse. It costs £238 on amazon.
2. Toni and Guy Salon Professional Collection XL Wide Plate Straighteners for £40.
3. Bosch Pro Salon Sensor Hair Straightener.
4. Remington Silk Hair Straightener.
5. Single Pass Straightening and Styling Iron
6. Cloud Nine Original Iron.
7. Lee Stafford Color Therapy with Pro Mineral Straightener.
8. Mark Hill Leopard Infused Argan Oil Straightener.
9. Corioliss Gogo Style Styler.
10. BaByliss Boutique Salon Control 235.

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The cost of hair straightening varies depending on the nature of the practice. Natural hair straightening is cheaper than artificial method. It also depends on style desired, chemicals and tools used. It can cost between £60 and £100 depending on salon and your brand style.
Permanent hair straightening can be split into various kinds depending on techniques involved. They result is the same silky straight locks but in different ways!

Keratin treatment, Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning, Chemically straightened hair Post care: Eat healthy and drink a lot of water. Use the recommended care products by hair stylists. Avoid hard scrubbing with hands and towel. Pay regular visit to hair stylist.