GHD Mini Hair Straighteners Review

The GHD Mini Hair Straighteners are smaller versions of their flagship irons but still look stylish and sleek. Their slimline 1/2 inch plates make them suitable for short hair, tight curls and fringes that frame faces. You’ll find all of GHD’s technology here too – such as their advanced ceramic heat technology which ensures even heat distribution at the ideal hair styling temperature of 185 degrees Celsius for reduced risk of heat damage while creating beautiful glossy locks with salon shine!

These straighteners offer sleek and slimline design ideal for creating short hair styles as well as tight curls or fringes. Their narrow plates enable flicking waves as well as creating a straight finish.

Professional mini styler with ceramic heat technology for even heat distribution works at the ideal hair styling temperature to reduce damage to hair. A heat-resistant protective plate guard and universal voltage system make these portable straighteners ideal for travel.

1. Temperature control

These mini straighteners work exceptionally well on shorter hair (even fringes!) because they can reach close to the scalp, creating smooth styles without frizz. In addition, they’re great at smoothing out fine or slightly thicker strands to produce sleek styles without frizz.

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GHD have designed their heating settings at 185 degrees C; this temperature ensures long-term styles with minimal structural damage; exceeding this setting could result in irreparable structural damage.

Ghd minis feature their trademark sleep mode, automatically shutting off after 30 minutes if left unattended – perfect if you ever find yourself rushing and forgetting to switch them off! They come with either two or three year guarantees so can last.

2. Contoured plates

The GHD Mini features slimline 1/2 inch plates that make this tool the ideal option for short hair styling and fringes. Utilizing advanced ceramic heat technology for even heat distribution and working at the optimal hair styling temperature, this pair ensures a stylish and effortless salon finish every time.

These new ghd Gold series straighteners are lighter and cooler to use than their previous model, featuring contoured plates for flicks and curls as well as straightening. Our testers found they glided smoothly across hair without creating frizz – leaving it with a glossy shine while minimising frizz.

Other useful features of GHD Mini Hair Straighteners include an automatic sleep mode that disconnects them after 30 minutes, plate protectors to help you pack them away safely, and universal voltage for use anywhere worldwide.

3. Sleep mode

GHD stylers heat to 185degC in 30 seconds and automatically shut off after 30 minutes of non-use. If you tend to forget things (it’s okay!), sleep mode can be an invaluable aid when leaving hot GHDs unattended. Furthermore, the Platinum+ styler features an inbuilt sensor which keeps irons active even if they’re sitting idle in your bag, helping reduce overheating risk and potential heat damage risks.

4. 2.7 metre swivel cord

Since their groundbreaking straighteners were introduced into the UK in 2001, ghd have become synonymous with sleek poker-straight hair. Famed for their ease of use, speed, and quality results; stylists and users alike praise ghds as worth every penny spent.

GHD Mini Hair Straighteners feature slimline plates which are half the width of standard-sized ghds, making them an excellent tool for precision styling with shorter hair such as pixie cuts or face-framing fringe pieces. Their plates are set on floating springs for smooth and silky styling without snagging!

Both the GHD Mini and Platinum+ come equipped with professional length 360deg swivel cords that make them easy to work with while preventing tangling. Both straighteners also include an on/off switch and power indicator light to let users know when their straightener is ready to be used.

5. On/off switch

Good Hair Day (GHD) has recently unveiled their redesigned version of their original stylers to produce smart, sleek and safe straighteners on the market. GHD have ditched their two-piece hinge in favor of an improved wishbone design which improves handling – still equipped with battery indicator lights and gentle alert sounds so users know when it is ready to be used!

Mini is ideal for quickly styling short hair or fringes, offering advanced ceramic heat technology and working at optimal styling temperature to give a polished everyday look. Plus, its smooth contoured floating plates glide effortlessly through hair for fast styling with salon shine – not forgetting handy protective plate guard, automatic sleep mode and universal voltage support features!

5. Buying the ghd mini hair straighteners

As one would expect, ghd minis don’t come cheap but are far cheaper than their premium Platinum Plus styler. This splurge-worthy model stands out from rivals by offering extra features such as the ability to reduce heat usage by 50% while styling hair using up to 30% less heat without losing performance – as well as improved shine and less breakage!

A pair of GHD minis will typically range in cost between £109 and £175, depending on your chosen retailer and model. You may even be able to find them for less when shopping online.

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Though the GHD minis are ideal for shorter hair, many reviewers with longer hair have also reported great success with them. A great value and space saver in luggage.

To keep your ghd minis looking and working their best, we suggest investing in a heat protection spray that can be sprayed at the roots to add volume and lift to fine or limp hair. Furthermore, purchasing a travel pouch keeps them safe when out and about.

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