Hair Dryers – What You Need To Know Before You Buy

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Are you shopping for a hair dryer – and getting tired of sales people trying to oversell expensive, not to mention complicated models? Then look no further: here are a few tips that you can follow when you’re shopping for a hair dryer.

First off, the price might really matter. Sometimes, more expensive hair dryers aren’t just more durable or pretty. They’re also energy efficient, and really do release heat at a steady pace without burning your hair. Here are a few qualities that you should look for when shopping for a hair dryer.

1. Is the heating element plastic or metal?

A hair dryer actually boils off water from your hair, which means that these high temperatures could also damage your hair if you’re not using a high quality dryer. Low-end models use plastic or metal heating elements that can burn over time, or even smell.

2. Consider Ceramic Hair Dryers

Salon-quality dryers use ceramic heating, which radiate heat and push water off hair instead of heating up your hair strand. Most ceramic curling irons and flat irons are the styling tool of choice for salon professionals. Ceramics can be fused with other elements that can make the radiant heat safer. What’s more, ceramic hair dryers are safer. Metal ones are likely to catch fire if you’re not careful!

3.  Does your dryer have tourmaline?

Tourmaline can generate negatively-charged ions, which can make a hair dryer up to 2/3 more effective. This should result in shiny hair, not frizzy and dried out hair, which results from metal or plastic dryers.

4. What is the wattage of the dryer?

A personal-use hair dryer should register at around 1300 watts or higher, which promises faster drying time for your hair.

5. Does your dryer have different settings?

Don’t worry – this isn’t one of those complicated, blender-like consoles that you should be afraid of! Several speed and heat settings are actually advantageous if you’re drying damp versus very wet hair, or finishing a set style versus actually creating one. You’ll need to talk to your stylist about which settings are best for your hair.

6. How much does the dryer weigh?

Stylists have to hold dryers all day, so they tend to choose high efficiency, but lightweight brand that they can carry. These brands might be expensive, but they’re comfortable to use, and better than having to lug around a gigantic, but cheap hair dryer. You’ll also find it easy to manoeuvre around your head, and if you have the know-how, you can style your hair in a greater variety of ways.

7.  Are you travelling with the dryer?

A travel dryer is probably lighter and cheaper, but if you want a lighter and high-efficiency brand, you’ll need to shell out a bit more cash. You’ll also want a durable hair dryer that won’t break the first time that you stash it in your check in luggage.

8. Does the dryer come with different attachments?

Those extra nozzles and mounts on your hair dryer aren’t there for just decoration. Specific attachments can direct air to a specific part of your head, which can be great for controlling heat, especially when you’re using a brush. Other attachments can make the hot air more diffuse, which can be great for finishing styles or for damp hair.

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