Miss Pouty Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush Comb – Instant Heating Detangling Paddle Brush – For Faster Professional Straightening Styling – LCD Display – Negative Ion Brush – Auto Massager – Miss Pouty UK Cosmetic Specialists

Making use of different temperature settings to earn hair straight. The hair straighter has 10 prices to readjust temperature and every price could alter 5 levels celsius. We recommend that you pick the highest price at the start, then according to the hair texture to minimize the temperature level.

Select temperature in 210-230 levels Celsius for a fine hair.

Choose temperature level in the 190-210 degrees Celsius for general hair.

Pick temperature in 170-200 degrees Celsius for soft hair.

If you set low temperature level perm, molding might be a little slowly.

Please press on-off key and hold for 3 secs to transform it on, and also press on-off key as well as hold for 3 secs to turn it off. According to personal’s routine to use this hair straighter and it has no instructions.


Please keep hair dry and nicely groomed before making use of.

Insert the connect into correct the outlet.

Transform it on as well as readjust the temperature, you could use when the temperature level to reach what you desire.

In the process of utilizing, one hand draws hair end and brush with straighter.

If you want to maintains straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion as well as conditioner cream and wash clean prior to hair aligning.

It must not clip excessive hair, if you intend to clip more hair, you ought to be reduce the speed when illustration.

It will be turned off by a hr immediately, transform it on when you utilize versus.

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