Tips On How To Choose The Best Curling Irons

When it comes to finding the best curling irons, there are many to choose from. Not only are they available in a large variety of different models and styles, but also in price ranges that are appropriate to different budgets. But, not every hair curler is suitable for fine or thick hair. That is why it is important to do your research first before buying any hair curler, whether for use on fine or thick hair.

best curling iron

The Hues: Before purchasing a curling iron, take note of your hair’s natural shade. The ideal colours for long fine hair are blonde and blond with no yellow undertones. In choosing a model, pick one that has the proper heat setting that is appropriate for your hair’s natural shade. Most models will have three temperature settings: low, medium and high. The HSI Professional Curling Iron has three temperature settings: low, medium and high.

The Design and Features: Most of the best curling irons come in a sleek and professional design with multiple usage features, including multiple heat settings and variable temperature settings. There are also many professional quality curling irons that offer built-in heat monitor. However, when choosing your best curling irons, consider your hair’s texture and overall thickness. For instance, the BaByliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro is great for those with thin or fine hair as the automatic temperature and tumbler design allows you to use less moisture, making it ideal for those with dry or fine hair.

The Weight and Packaging: The size of your curling barrel will determine how much heat can be applied to the hair; therefore, look at the size of the barrel before purchasing your best hair curling iron. You should also look at the weight of the product. The best curling irons for thin or fine hair generally weigh about 500 grams. The heaviest of the professional models may even be up to 600 grams.

The Size and Type of Hair: Not all curling irons are designed for all types of hair; therefore, it is important to check the description on the flat iron to see if it tells you the hair types they recommend for their products. Most hair irons these days will specify the recommended hair types for the iron. You can also read reviews on a website like this one and on Amazon. For instance, most recommend the smaller ceramic barrel size for fine hair, while others recommend the larger size for thick hair. It is best to choose a product that best suits your own type of hair. 

The Heat Protectant: When using an iron of any kind, it is best to purchase the one with a built in heat protectant. The heat protectant prevents burning and damage if the curling iron accidentally torches your skin. Nowadays, the best curling irons have built in heat protectant; however, if yours does not, you can invest in a good heat protectant spray. If you do purchase a professional grade curling iron without a heat protectant, it is best to purchase one as soon as possible. The spray will prevent damage and burning.

The Maximum Temperature Range: The temperature range of a curling iron is usually dependent on the model, although many professionals suggest that it is always best to purchase the one that has a high heat range and low heat range. This is because some people have extremely fine hair, while others have coarse hair. Therefore, in order to use your curling iron effectively, it is best to purchase one with a high heat range and a low heat range; this will keep the hair from being damaged by excessive heat. If you have very fine hair, you may want to purchase a professional model that provides more control over the curls, rather than purchasing one that has fewer temperature option.

Voltage: The best curling irons have dual voltage. This is to enable the user to use the curling iron in as many countries as possible. This is very important if travel a lot. Unless of course you want to buy a separate curling iron for traveling.

Warrantee: The best curling irons come with good warrantee of at least 2 years. Some say that this is a sign of the manufacturer’s faith in their own product.

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