GHD New Max Styler Professional Hair Straighteners

The ghd New Max Styler Professional Hair Straightener is a powerful styling tool that can give you endless styling options. Its broad plates and adjustable temperature control allow you to create a variety of styles from sleek straight to curly. The rounded edges of the styling plates make styling a breeze, and they can be used with any length or thickness of hair.

ghd New Max Styler Professional Hair Straighteners, Black

The ghd New Max Styler features 70% larger styling plates than most stylers, which gives your hair 80% more shine. The dual-zone design also helps the styling temperature to stay at the perfect level. The dual-zone ceramic technology keeps your hair at the right temperature without overheating it. The patented heater system also constantly monitors the ideal styling temperature, so your hair will never get over-heated.

Another unique feature of the ghd New Max Styler is its dual-zone technology. This new technology keeps the styling temperature at 365degF for the perfect styling experience. The curved edges provide an ergonomic grip that is great for long or curly hair. The curved plates are also 70% bigger than the average styler plate, and this combination will give you smoother hair.

The ghd New Max Styler has a 75% larger plate area than the previous model, and it can style long or curly hair in half the time. Its advanced dual-zone ceramic technology and patented heat sensor ensure optimal styling temperature and prevent breakage. It is also designed with two independent heating zones that help maintain the optimum styling temperature. Furthermore, it is ideal for long hair, as it offers salon-standard results and no risk of damaging your hair.

The ghd New Max Styler Professional Hair Straightener should be an essential part of every woman’s styling arsenal, especially if you have long, thick or curly hair. Its larger plates means that it can handle longer or curly hair. The ghd New Max Styler is an ideal choice for those with thick, curly hair. It has two ceramic zones that constantly monitor the temperature of the hair.

The ghd New Max Styler Professional Hair Straightener does not use extreme heat – the dual-zone ceramic technology constantly monitors the correct temperature settings. This means that you can have more control over your styling. It’s an excellent choice for straightening hair and maintaining a professional look.

The ghd Max Styler’s curved plates provide even more shine, and the curved edges make styling a breeze. It is also equipped with a new generation of heat sensors and dual-zone ceramic technology. These features ensure that your hair will receive salon-quality styling at home. In addition, the new generation of dual-zone ceramic technology helps you maintain a consistent temperature, so that you’ll never need to worry about overheating your hair.

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