Remington Wet2Straight Pro Hair Straighteners for Women Review

Introduction: Meet the Remington Wet2Straight Pro

The Remington Wet2Straight Pro Hair Straighteners for Women has hit the market with a unique selling proposition – the ability to straighten both wet and dry hair. This is a boon for those who constantly rush through their morning routines or seek a quick fix after a spontaneous dip in the pool. With exclusive technologies like the Advanced Wet 2 Straight Technology, a built-in venting system, and a moisture sensor, these straighteners are designed to optimise temperature and prevent hair damage.

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Design and Quality: Sleek and Intuitive

Remington’s Wet2Straight Pro Hair Straighteners is sleek and user-friendly. Its slim design allows it to be handled effortlessly, and the temperature controls are conveniently placed. The plates are well-constructed and ensure a smooth glide through the hair, making the straightening process seamless and quick. The build quality is impressive, and the 5-Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee (plus an extra year when you register the product online) speaks volumes about Remington’s confidence in their product.

Key Features and Benefits

The unique feature of the Wet2Straight Pro is its dual wet and dry mode, a time-saving solution that lets you dry and straighten your hair simultaneously. Moreover, the Wet Mode works perfectly on towel-dried hair, ensuring a swift transition from shower to styling.

The Moisture Sensor and Exclusive Venting System, designed to adjust the temperature based on hair’s water content and evaporate excess water, help protect hair from heat damage. It dries and straightens your hair, maintaining an optimal temperature, preventing any potential damage.

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Compared to Similar Products

While other hair straighteners in the market offer the capability to handle both wet and dry hair, the Remington Wet2Straight Pro stands out with its moisture sensor technology. The auto-adjustment of temperature based on the hair’s moisture content is a unique feature that not many competitors offer, making it a standout choice for those who prioritise hair health.

Pros and Cons


  • Wet and dry mode for versatile usage
  • Moisture sensor to prevent hair damage
  • Quick and effective straightening
  • User-friendly design
  • Solid warranty period


  • Might not be suitable for very thick hair
  • The plates could be wider for more coverage per pass

Why It’s Better Than Other Products

The Remington Wet2Straight Pro hair straighteners edge out the competition because of the cutting-edge technology it incorporates. The wet and dry straightening feature coupled with a moisture sensor is a game-changer for those who wish to save time without compromising their hair’s health.

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User Experiences

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the Remington Wet2Straight Pro’s performance. Users loved its wet to dry feature, with one user, Lilia, stating, “I highly recommend this pair to anyone who is looking for a tool to be able to straighten wet and dry hair with no imperfections!”

However, some users with thicker hair found the wet to dry feature less effective. One such user, Yasmin, noted, “The wet to dry is not suitable for thick hair.” Yet, she found the normal straightening feature worked well for her.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your Remington Wet2Straight Pro, towel dry your hair before using it in wet mode. For a more thorough straightening, section your hair and work in small batches. Don’t forget to switch between wet and dry modes based on your needs.


Q: Is this hair straightener suitable for curling? A: The Remington Wet2Straight Pro is primarily a straightener, and it might not provide the best curls.

Q: What is the max wattage used by this straightener? A: The maximum wattage used by this straightener is 52W.

Q: Is it anti-scalding? A: Yes, the straightener features an anti-scalding design.

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Conclusion: A Game-Changer for Busy Mornings

In conclusion, the Remington Wet2Straight Pro Hair Straighteners for Women is an excellent addition to your hair-care arsenal. Its unique wet and dry mode and moisture sensor technology set it apart from other hair straighteners. It is perfect for those who lead busy lives and need a quick, efficient, and safe hair straightening solution. However, if you have exceptionally thick hair, you might want to use it in dry mode for the best results. The Remington Wet2Straight Pro offers great value for money, and I highly recommend it for its innovative features and quality performance.

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