BaByliss 3Q Straightener – True Salon Performance

The revolutionary BaByliss 3Q Straightener promises to give you softer and shinier hair in no time. Increasing condition and shine while delivering true professional salon quality hair straightening results, the BaByliss 3Q Straightener utilizes an intelligent thermal sensor system to guard against over heat damage, leaving your locks shinier and healthier than ever before. With ultra-smooth ceramic plates fitted with ionic-controlled frizz-control ionizers, they function together to tame even the wildest, most unruly strands to deliver ultimate smoothness with heightened shine. Hassle-free styling means that the BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performance Straightener is quick and easy to use; its compact design means it’s perfectly safe to travel with and incredibly practical too.

BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performance Straightener

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The world’s first triple-axis straightening machine was introduced back in September 2015 and has since become a must-have in any woman’s beauty arsenal. The BaByliss 3Q straightener is the ideal tool for delivering professional results in the most stylish, healthy and natural-looking form. Utilizing the patented Shock Treatment, which targets dead skin cells on the outer layer of the hair shaft, the new straighteners leave the follicle free and clear of damaged debris and dirt. This allows the hair to grow in full, smooth and shiny glory.

The BaByliss 3Q straightener heat wrap allows for optimal treatment of individual hair strands. The dual lock mode offers convenience as the temperature can be adjusted for each individual hair shaft by simply setting it up to do so. For those with coarse hair that needs more heat to make their hair appear soft and silky, there is the cool and gentle glide setting. Those with fine, thick and curly hair are offered the super heat setting which eradicates lumps and bumps.

In addition to providing an array of styling options, the BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performance Straightener features a sleek design that utilizes high-quality quartz-ceramic plates that provide brilliant results and long lasting durability. When heated, these plates trap natural moisture within the hair shaft and keep strands from becoming frizzy and dry. In addition to being a safe hairstyling tool, these devices offer therapeutic benefits to those who suffer from scalp conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The lightweight, dual locking magnetic clasp also makes this device easy to use and adds a luxurious touch to any hairstyle. With the unique locking mechanism, the ceramic plates glide effortlessly over your hair to provide an unbeatable finish. Built with advanced ceramic technology, this ionic hair straightener promises to reduce frizz and has been featured in salon settings all around the globe. Along with its reliable styling ability, the BaByliss 3Q features a conditioning system tames static and locks the hair shaft from root to tip for an easy and controlled application.

When it comes to safety and reliability, the BaByliss 3Q offers its users the promise of true salon performance. Its innovative ceramic technology allows this ionic straightener to maintain high heat delivery on a consistent and uniform basis, thus preventing damage and premature heating of the hair.

BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performance Straightener

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The BaByliss 3Q Straightener feature advanced CeraTherm system which allows the hair straightener to reach a temperature of up to 235C in quick time and to maintain high heat for true salon performance.

The BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performance Straightener also comes with a 5 year warrantee.

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