Benefits of Using a Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Benefits of Using a Tourmaline Hair Straightener
When it comes to selecting a flat iron, there are various choices available – ceramic plates are among the many that exist as are titanium and tourmaline models – but choosing the ideal iron can prove challenging at times. There are many benefits of using a tourmaline hair straightener. Some of the main ones being:

It emits far-infrared rays

Far-infrared rays may be invisible to us, yet have been scientifically proven to penetrate objects gently and heat them without drying or over-heating the surface of hair strands – this allows tourmaline straighteners with their unique ion technology to pass heat directly into their inner core without over-heating their exterior surface, producing sleek and frizz-free styles with lasting moisture and shine.

Tourmaline, a precious stone naturally emitting negative ions and far-infrared rays, closes hair cuticles while sealing in moisture and increasing shine and luster. This process ensures maximum hair care benefits.

HSI Professional’s ceramic-tourmaline flat iron stands out as one of the top choices for your hair thanks to its innovative iRed Beam strips, which deliver far-infrared heat deep into the inner core of your locks.

More Negative Ions

Tourmaline hair straighteners produce negative ions to help your hair while you style it, while their far-infrared heat helps lock moisture into its cuticle for greater conditioning and moisture-lock.

Tourmaline flat irons are generally more gentle on your hair than ceramic and titanium flat irons. Ceramic flat irons heat up and cool down quickly, which can damage it significantly more than tourmaline irons; their heat consumption also allows them to produce results with lower heat output. Tourmaline models feature slim plates better suited for straightening and curling of hair.

If your hair’s health is of concern to you, consider purchasing either a tourmaline ionic flat iron or nano titanium ionic straightener with ionic technology. Ionic technology emits negative ions to counteract positive ones and keep hair hydrated; nano silver inhibits bacterial growth so these tools are perfect for sharing (if you’re a stylist or just have super germophobic clients!);

Smoother Hair

Negative ions generated by tourmaline plates reduce static electricity and frizz while simultaneously closing your cuticle layer, leaving your hair with silky smooth shine that regular straighteners can’t match.

Tourmaline hair straighteners can be used on all types of hair, but are especially helpful for people with curly or wavy textures looking to improve the texture and reduce frizz.

When purchasing a tourmaline hair straightener, look for one with adjustable temperature settings to find one suitable to your hair type and an auto shutoff feature to protect from overheating.

Buying a tourmaline hair straightener? For maximum moisture-locking power, look for one with titanium plates coated in tourmaline for increased moisture-locking capabilities. This combination works especially well on damaged hair. These straighteners are often chosen by professional stylists as they deliver fast results with reduced heat damage; their durable plates stand up well under repeated use in salon environments while being lighter than ceramic plates and don’t crack as easily.

Less Damage

Titanium plates infused with tourmaline are ideal for people with thick locks. When heated, these irons emit negative ions that bind with the cuticles of hair shafts to reduce frizz and lock in moisture for smooth, frizz-free strands. In addition, these irons reduce static electricity and breakage prevention, and can straighten hair faster than standard flat irons.

Tourmaline and ceramic make an effective pair for all types of hair types, since both materials provide even heating distribution while protecting it from damaging temperatures.

If you want to protect yourself from damage, ensure the flat iron you purchase offers variable temperature settings so you can reduce heat levels for shorter periods. Also make sure it comes with an extended warranty so if anything does happen to it (even an excellent straightener may cause wear-and-tear damage over time), repairs or replacement options will be available to you.

Less Frizz

Tourmaline plates on a flat iron release negative ions when heated, binding with positive ions present in hair to eliminate static electricity and create smooth hair with shiny surfaces. This technology is great for those suffering from frizzy or flyaway hair as well as helping tame curls – and suitable for all hair types!

Positive ions from chemicals, heat and even the air can contribute to frizzy hair. Straightening with a tourmaline flat iron creates negative ions to lock in moisture and reduce frizz, helping prevent dryness and breakage at the same time.

Some individuals prefer titanium or ceramic straighteners because they are less costly than tourmaline models. If you have medium or thick textured hair, investing in a tourmaline flat iron may save money in the long run as it requires less heat while outlasting conventional flat irons.

Less time straightening

Tourmaline hair straighteners make straightening faster. Their rapid heat up time means that their iron can get the job done in half the time as compared to ceramic irons – meaning less heat exposure for shorter duration, helping reduce damage.

Tourmaline hair straighteners offer many advantages to women with frizzy or wavy locks. Additionally, these straighteners make great additions for people seeking to maintain shiny, soft hair after styling. Although more costly than ceramic irons, tourmaline irons typically last longer and work best on medium or thick hair types.

The best tourmaline flat irons are lightweight, stylish and feature a swivel power cord – with some even offering heat indicators such as LED lights or auto shutoff for added convenience.

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