GHD Hair Straighteners – Some Of The Best Hair Straighteners Ever Made

GHD Hair Straighteners

GHD straighteners have been around for more than 10 years now and become one of the most prominent hair straighteners bought in the UK. Throughout the GHD story they have won countless honors and awards for the straighteners they produce. In 2018 GHD released the newest variation, the ghd Max Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener.

ghd Max Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener

So what is it that makes GHD so sought after? Firstly, GHD have kept versions to a minimum with simply 3 main styles. The Standard Styler which is a standard plate straightener, the salon Styler wide plate with additional large plates and the Mini Styler a smaller width plate. All the GHD designs are produced with the same workmanship and materials for a top quality straightener that will last.

GHD straighteners temperature level Control

GHD hair straighteners do not included an adjustable temperature level control; there is just one warm setting. However, the GHD mark 4 styler accomplishes an optimum heat of around 180 degrees Celsius which is lower than many other straighteners’ brands on the market today. The older variations of GHD straighteners did attain a greater temperature as much as 230 levels Celsius. Nonetheless GHD has decreased the temperature on the new mark 4 design as hair does not need to be warmed over this temperature to straighten it properly. This will certainly help to protect hair and prevent damages to hair which is excellent news if you have great hair. For anyone who assumed the lower temperature would indicate poorer results just have a look at consumer reviews on websites like Amazon.

The straighteners come with ceramic coated Plates

GHD Hair Straightener plates are ceramic coated plates. What makes a straightener plate stand apart from all the others is the quality of the ceramic as well as how it is used. A great quality straightener will certainly use fine layers of ceramic baked on a steel plate. The ceramic often tends to chip off on low quality plates which if used on hair will truly damage it.

Ceramic is now commonly used on many straightener plates due to its capacity to keep warm, and also move through the hair without snagging or pulling. GHD additionally introduced advanced heating elements in its hair straighteners to ensure the plates get an even heat distribution without hot spots to damage the hair. This is something other brand names took a very long time to apply.

Other Attributes of GHD hair straighteners

The new GHD mark 4 comes with an automated shut off mode if the straighteners are left inactive for longer than half an hour. This is great for the absent-minded amongst us. Something seldom noted is that if the room temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius, condensation can develop inside the straighteners and inevitably cause issues within the straightener. To counter this GHD hair straighteners have built in safeguard that implies the straighteners will shut off until the room warms up again. GHD likewise introduced the new rounder barrel with the mark 4 as a lot of us are now trying out flicks and curls’ utilizing straighteners and a softer edged barrel means this is very easy to accomplish.

Be mindful of Fake GHD hair straighteners

which is why there are several sites that make and offer fake GHDs. My slogan would certainly be if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. GHD have a product registration web page on their main website, where you can check if your hair straightener is real. Although if you have actually already acquired fake GHD you will possibly have a difficult time getting your refund from whomever you bought it from. My advice would be to go onto their internet site before buying the GHD’s as well as use their main GHD hair salon checker to check that the seller you are buying from are authorized by GHD.

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