GHD Rise Professional Hot Brush

The ghd rise professional hot brush is the first of its kind and delivers volume from root to tip in a way that is kind to hair and gentle on the skin. Its 5mm nylon bristles give maximum root lift while SMART ultra-zone technology locks in the moisture and helps to eliminate frizz. The SMART ultra-zone system provides heat protection, even after repeated use.

ghd Rise Professional hot Brush

The ghd rise professional hot brush is a unique tool that delivers professional-quality styling to your hair. It features five-millimetre nylon bristles and SMART ultra-zone technology. The 185-degree temperature stays consistent throughout the entire 32mm barrel. With smooth-touch bristles, you’ll be able to maintain close root contact, creating instant volume. The hot brush is designed for use with dry hair, and glides effortlessly through its lengths. Designed with volume in mind, this is a must-have beauty tool for all hair types.

The ghd rise professional hot brush is one of the best in its class, and is extremely easy to use. The SMART ultra-zone (TM) technology ensures that the temperature is consistent across the entire barrel, even in extreme heat. The 32mm barrel is designed to create high-volume curls and bouncy hair. The ghd rise professional hot brush is ideal for anyone who wants a professional-looking hairstyle.

The ghd rise hot brush is a breakthrough styler. Using a 185-degree constant temperature, the ghd rise instantly lifts and restyles hair with a sleek, voluminous look. The quick-heating 190-degree hot brush switches off automatically after 30 minutes to avoid overheating your hair. In addition, it allows your styling to get closer to the root.

The ghd rise professional hot brush is an innovative styler that uses a high-quality heating element. Its advanced infinity sensor keeps the optimum styling temperature at 185 degrees for your hair. Its swivel cord makes it easy to control the heat.

The GHD hot brush is a revolutionary styler. With its 5mm cool-touch bristles and 185-degree constant-temperature barrel, it creates instant volume. It also has a removable silicone base. Its flexible head also features a built-in temperature indicator, which makes it easy to control the temperature.

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