How to Choose the Best Cordless Hair Straightener for Your Hair Type

With all of the advances made by the beauty industry, there should be no longer be any need to plug our straighteners in at a plug point to straighten our hair. The cordless hair straightener has come to save the day!

A cordless hair straightener allow you to style on-the-go without the hassle of searching for an outlet – perfect for music festivals and weekend getaways! But how can you select the best cordless hair straightener?
cordless hair straightener

1. Battery Life

If you’re an avid beauty traveler or want one in your handbag for touch ups, selecting a cordless hair straightener with an extended battery life is essential to getting results without losing power halfway through styling sessions.

Cordless straighteners tend to be more portable than their corded counterparts due to being lightweight and often featuring compact designs that make them easier to store in your purse or carry-on luggage. Therefore, cordless straighteners make an ideal solution for anyone on the move, whether heading straight from home to an event like Glastonbury.

The ghd Unplugged Styler is an ideal option for frequent travelers. Launched in 2021, this latest model from GHD is compact enough to fit in your handbag for everyday styling. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it charges in just two hours and provides up to 20 minutes of use on one charge.

Designed with GHD’s familiar ceramic plates, these irons heat up quickly and evenly, reducing the risk of damage to hair.

BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener is one of our favorites due to its portability. This model comes equipped with a heat-resistant carrying case, thermal bag and charging cube so you can take it with you anywhere on the road. Plus, its three heat settings and auto shut-off feature make for effortless travel; plus it even features an LCD display which indicates when its time for charging!

The Dyson Corrale straightener features innovative technology to minimize hair damage. Its Manganese copper alloy plates are specifically designed to flex and gather strands while limiting heat exposure for an elegant, sleek appearance while an intelligent heat control monitors and adjusts plate temperature according to hair type.

The best cordless straighteners feature an intuitive user-friendly interface for effortless styling. In addition, these products offer useful features like digital touch-screen controls and automatic shut-off that make using them even simpler and more efficient than before. In addition, their slim ergonomic designs make them comfortable to hold while being easy to maneuver.

2. Heat Settings

Straighteners should be easy and comfortable to use; ideally they should heat quickly as well. Otherwise, you risk clamping your hair tightly or leaving it on too long than necessary – both of which could result in additional damage to the follicles.

Look for a design that’s slim and lightweight with rounded edges to prevent damage to your locks. Additionally, cordless straighteners with display lights to indicate when they have reached their set temperature are particularly useful if your hair is fine or fragile.

Another essential feature to look for in a heat styling tool is an adjustable range of heat settings; typically 185C is considered ideal, although some individuals may benefit from using lower or higher settings. Furthermore, select one with multiple plate sizes so you can create various styles – whether that means smoothing out your locks or creating loose waves.

The best cordless straighteners feature plates made of superior materials known for their heat conducting capabilities and smoothing properties, such as ceramic coating to maintain moisture levels in your locks and reduce frizz. Tourmaline plates add an attractive shine that adds an additional dimension.

If you travel often, investing in a cordless hair straightener equipped with a flight mode plug to comply with airplane regulations can be advantageous. These plugs will separate heaters from battery compartments to enable safe usage inside aircraft cabin.

3. Plate Material

The ideal cordless hair straightener should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and deliver sleek, straight results. If you prefer quick touchups during lunch at work or while sitting in traffic, a rechargeable flat iron may do just the trick; or for more glamorous styling choose one with wide plates capable of giving loose waves or tight coils to your hair.

Some brands are going beyond simply using corded models by creating cordless models, enabling users to enjoy straightening from virtually anywhere without tangling with the cord of their flat irons. To maximize convenience, look for cordless hair straighteners featuring adjustable temperature settings as well as plates made of ceramic, titanium or tourmaline that evenly distribute heat to reduce frizz while locking in moisture for shine-filled locks.

Babyliss offers this cordless straightener with one of the shortest charge times among our tests, featuring a lithium-ion battery with three heat settings and an unusual coating called “micro heating matrix,” said to help protect hair health by preventing brittleness and split ends. Furthermore, its color temperature indicator shows you when to start straightening (blue stands for 160C, green 180C and red 200C).

L’ange Hair’s model offers another reliable choice. Its ceramic coating reportedly helps eliminate static electricity while simultaneously retaining moisture for healthy-looking locks. Heating up takes only 30 seconds and has three heat settings; additionally, its plates are wider than most models we tried, making this ideal for anyone with longer or thicker hair.

Straighteners designed to be lightweight and compact are great travel companions that fit easily into handbags or suitcases, such as those you would take to festivals or camping trips. One such straightener, YAPOY Cordless Hair Straightener’s slim design easily stores in handbags for on-the-go styling touch-ups; its premium quality ceramic plates heat up within 60 seconds of use, with multiple temperature settings to accommodate all types of hair structure.

4. Portability

If you’ve ever found yourself leaving home with a few kinks in your hair, modern cordless straighteners are more than capable of giving you quick fixes on-the-go. From GHD Unplugged to Cloud Nine’s Cordless Iron, these portable hair perfectors offer quick solutions for post-workout flyaways or morning kinks that you forgot to straighten before heading out the door.

Straighteners also feature travel modes to comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations for air travel. This works by isolating heaters from batteries so they cannot heat up during flight and cause issues for safety purposes.

Consider whether the device offers pin or USB charging ports when shopping for a cordless straightener, with USB being more suitable as it allows easy connection with various electrical devices including laptops or computers.

If you need assistance selecting the ideal cordless flat iron, talk with your stylist. They’ll be able to recommend one based on your hair type, lifestyle and budget – they may even answer any of your queries regarding these products so that you make an informed purchase decision. Whether for everyday use or occasional touch ups – cordless irons offer convenience without lengthy charge times and cords to deal with!

5. Safety features

If you want to ensure the cordless hair straightener you store safely is safe when not being used, check if it has a lock function. This keeps the power and temperature buttons out of reach when not being used to avoid accidental turning on or unnecessary heat exposure. This is especially important when caring for younger children or animals who could accidentally activate it and cause fires!

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