How to Tame Flyaway Hair

What is a flyaway hair?

Flyaway hairs, also known as unruly strands of hair that stand up instead of lying flat against the scalp, may be caused by dryness, humidity, heat damage or new growth. They can be an irritating annoyance but there may also be other factors at work here such as humidity levels.

How to Tame Flyaway Hair

Flyaway hair can be annoying and hard to style, whether caused by breakage, new growth, or static electricity. But there are simple things you can do to eliminate flyaways for good!

1. Avoid brushing wet hair

There may be many causes of your flyaway hair, from new growth and breakage to humidity or static electricity – whatever it may be, identifying their source can help you address them more effectively.

To avoid flyaways, it’s essential to start off with a clean and healthy mane. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner that targets frizz, dry strands and other issues in your mane may help, while using a wide-tooth comb rather than brushing will reduce friction while helping prevent unwanted flyaways from forming.

After shampooing and conditioning your mane, it is wise to utilize a leave-in conditioner that adds additional hydration for soft and manageable hair. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Dryness Protection Leave-In Treatment can provide exactly this – giving your strands just what they need to remain soft and manageable!

Hairspray can be an essential tool in keeping your hair in check and controlling unruly flyaway strands. A light application of product will do just fine; just remember not to go overboard.

Flyaway-free hair is achievable, but it takes hard work. By following these expert tips and product recommendations from celebrity stylists and beauty editors, you can put an end to those pesky flyaways for good!

How to Tame Flyaway Hair

2. Use a wide-tooth comb

Curly hair requires special consideration; wide-tooth combs with wider prongs help detangle strands more effectively while also reducing breakage by reducing friction when brushing. Furthermore, they evenly distribute conditioner and leave-in treatments, helping prevent flyaways and frizz later on.

Curly hair can be fragile when wet, making brushing less than ideal. Instead, on wash day it is best to use a wide-tooth comb gently yet efficiently to tangle-free your locks.

Wide-tooth combs are ideal for curly hair as they easily glide through curls without disrupting their natural shape and thus are essential if you want your curls looking healthy and defined. A must-have in every curly-haired person’s arsenal.

Curly hair can be difficult to manage, but with the proper tools and leave-in conditioner you can achieve beautiful ringlets that last all day long. Just remember to use a hydrating hair mask once or twice each week for added hydration and brush your strands regularly with a wide-tooth comb to reduce tangles and frizz! L’Oreal Paris provides one such nourishing hair mask as well.

3. Apply a leave-in conditioner

One of the best ways to combat frizz and flyaway hair is using a lightweight leave-in conditioner. For best results, select one with no weight – especially important if your fine locks tend to become heavy with other detanglers!

To apply your leave-in conditioner, begin by saturating both hands with product before using your fingers to evenly spread it throughout your locks. Focus on applying it through your roots, mid-lengths, ends and frizziest strands until all areas of your locks have been adequately moisturized – then detangle any areas where needed using fingers or wide-tooth comb before finishing with a light misting of hairspray for added hold.

Hairspray provides your locks with medium to strong hold while also smoothing away stray hairs. Carry a small bottle in your purse or bag for quick touch-ups!

No matter if it is baby hairs, static electricity or just plain frizz – VEGAMOUR’s tips and hacks for taming flyaway hair will help you achieve sleek, polished looks for any event – be it hitting the beach, hiking mountains or playing beach volleyball. No longer will your locks get in the way of enjoying yourself.

4. Spray your hair with hairspray

Hairspray provides your strands with medium to strong hold, perfect for keeping styles secure. However, too much spray may leave crunchy or unnatural looking results; to avoid buildup from occurring simply spritz your locks with small amounts before styling with it.

Other than these tips, there are other things you can do to combat and prevent flyaway hair. Shampooing less frequently while using moisturizing conditioner can make your locks more resilient against frizz; regular trims help minimize split ends and breakage; sleeping on silk pillowcases or wearing silk head scarves can minimize friction between strands and bedding, and thus minimize flyaways.

Another way to manage flyaway strands is using a hair treatment product that offers frizz control, humidity protection, and promotes healthy hair growth. You can find such products both locally and online.

Keep flyaway strands at bay by using moisturizing oils such as coconut or jojoba oil on your locks – massage into them then scrunch with hands for extra moisture retention. Finally, adding leave-in conditioner can also make strands more resilient against frizz and humidity.

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