ghd Glide Hot Brush – Hot Brushes for Hair Styling

Achieve perfect straight, soft, shiny and healthy hair with the ghd Glide Hot Brush. This professional styling tool effectively removes flicky hairs, tame unruly hair and provides amazing results with inbuilt ioniser. The innovative, designer hot hair brush utilises in built ioniser technology coupled with ceramic technology to heat up the brush quickly to the optimal styling temperature of 184oC, a high temperature which styles hair smoothly while getting it healthy and shiny. The hot styling head helps to rid hair of frizz and promote a smoother and silkier head of hair.

ghd Glide Hot Brush – Hot Brushes for Hair Styling (Black)

Cleaning is easy as you just need to wipe the ceramic bristles with a towel or a cloth. The durable stainless steel design makes it easy to clean. The compact size of the ghd glide hot brush makes it handy to carry from place to place. Ideal for home and office use, the innovative ceramic brush works well with any type of hair.

Achieving that healthy, shiny and straight hair is not an impossible task. But to attain that perfectly styled hair, one needs to use the right tools like the ghd glide hot brush. This Hot Brush for Hair Styling features ceramic bristles which are ideal for shaping and creating different shapes. These bristles are completely safe to the hair and won’t cause any damage to the hair while working. The unique ceramic design is known for its excellent and quick heat up time which means one can achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

The unique ceramic design helps to reduce the chance of damaging the hair by wearing out the hair cuticle. With the help of the adjustable temperature control, you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type. Working from a cool to warm temperature, this innovative hot styling tool can provide controlled heat for curly and frizzy hair. The adjustable temperature control can also help you to style hair without much time wasting thereby achieving amazing results.

With the ghd Glide Hot Brush the large sections of the ceramic bristles allow you to cover large sections of hair in a very short span of time. While working, the large bristles spread the heat evenly across the hair thus preventing damage to any section of the hair. The large sections of the ceramic bristles also ensure that the professional hot bristle hair brush covers large sections of the hair in a very short span of time. In this way, you can style your hair without wasting much time.

One of the biggest complaints about most ceramic styling hot brushes is that it does remove too much moisture from the hair resulting in dry and frizzy hair. However, the innovative ceramic design eliminates this problem by allowing water to pass through the teeth of the tool thus ensuring a smooth and shiny finish. If you are suffering from frizzy and dry hair, it is maybe you should buy a ghd Glide Hot Brush to style your hair.

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