How can you make curls with a hair straightener?

Curly hair, if done correctly can make a woman more attractive and lovely. They’re perfect for a night out, either to a date or an official celebration. With hair straighteners, you won’t have to dedicate to a perm if you don’t intend to wear curls regularly. All it takes is a little fix – you can have
Curly hair whenever you wish to, and then have straight hair once again in the morning. Just follow these steps and you’ll get curls that seem like they have been done at a hair salon.

1. Wash your hair with normal hair shampoo. Pat the excess water out with a towel and after that blow-dry your hair entirely before you curl it. The reason that your hair has to be dry before you begin curling is wet hair can’t hold curls. Additionally, wet hair gets burned more easily.

2. Before to you do anything else, go and prep your hair straightener till it gets to the preferred temperature. The perfect temperature for
curling hair is 400F. For coarse hair, it should be no more than 200F. Furthermore, the most effective hair straightener for curling hair is the slim kind with rounded sides on home plates. This sort of hair iron creates natural-looking curls.

3. While you are waiting for your hair straightener to get the desired temperature level, apply a generous quantity of hair oil or lotion to your hair. This will stop your fringes from getting damaged by heat. Additionally, brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb to smooth out the tangles.

4. Part your hair into sections to create more interpretation for your
curls. The dimension of the sections depends upon just how big you desire your curls to be. If you desire smaller curls, you need to make smaller sized sections of your hair. If you desire larger curls, then you should part your hair into larger sections.

5. Secure a section of your hair with the hair straightener around 2 or 3 inches away from the scalp. Don’t hold it too near to your skin to avoid accidentally burning yourself. Hold the straightener vertically to develop the curls. Once you have actually got your hair iron in position, spin it in the direction you desire your curls to take till the whole hair is wrapped around the iron.

6. Carefully pull the hair iron away so the whole size of your hair travels through the plates. Do not be in a rush to draw your hairs through home plates since in this way your hair won’t curl correctly. However, do not pull too slowly either since the iron will burn your curls.

7. Repeat steps 5 and also 6 with the other sectioned areas of your hair.

8. Finish off your curly appearance by using hairspray. The hairspray will help to ensure that your curls last throughout the day. Keep it light, though. Way too much hairspray will bear down on your curls and also make them look limp.

These are how you curl your hair with a straightener. So in effect, you don’t need to despair not being born with natural curly hair if you like curles. Make your hair straightener your friend and you can have beautiful curls whenever you desire.

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